Gym Pole Stage

Removable, portable stage

Warranty: 24 months

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Innovative assembly system just like a jigsaw puzzle. All parts fit together easily and are designed to prevent damage as a result of standard usage and manipulation. Watch the Gympole stage assembly video filmed in real-time.

Moving skate for easy manipulation.  Transportation has never been easier – the stage can be moved either stored in its carry cases or fully assembled. The moving skate allows you to wheel your assembled stage directly to the venue and there remove it from the skate. Both wheels on the skate are equipped with handy brakes for easier manipulation.

Carry cases for the Gympole stage are designed with maximum protection and care in mind. Each part can be safely stored away in durable, premium -quality material cases with reinforced areas most prone to stress and strain. The cases for the floor plates and sub-frames even feature specially designed reinforced compartments to protect each piece individually and prevent friction during transportation.

High stability ensured by robust base at maximum width of 184.4cm. The construction system is designed to provide maximum sturdiness and to minimize any unsteady movement. Naturally, the base is very stable and it is impossible for the pole to tip or fall as a result of training or performing. And what‘s more – no need for any adjustable stabilizing legs or weights!

Perfect dance space – in all honesty, no free-standing portable pole can replace a permanent studio pole. But with a base this wide, only 9.6cm thick and with no need for stabilization legs, there are close to zero limitations during dancing. The total height of the Gympole stage is 3.16m and provides more space for acrobatics.

Oneclick system to switch from static to spin mode and back without any tools is a trademark standard for Gympole. Liven up your performance with switching to a different mode – one pole, one show, static and spin mode!

Innovate joint connecting the two pole pieces ensuring that neither piece applies pressure on the other, thus preventing any form of damage and subsequent defects. The two pieces connect easily by inserting and snapping the ball end of the upper pole piece into the lower pole piece. To take apart, it is necessary to use the special Gympole wedge and paddle. As a result, this system is 100% safe and easy to use. No threads or srews are used.

Exclusive design for everyone who loves the texture of wood. The wooden base has a wax-oil finish, applied precisely and with care. The finish is applied by hand allowing the wood pattern to shine through making each Gympole stage an original. No other stage will be the same as yours. The benefits of wax-oil are a velvety appearance, soft surface for dancing, and no hassle with paint peeling off, a common occurance with other types of finishes. The wax is water-and-other-liquids resistant. If any mechanical damage, such as scratching, occurs to the base, you can fix it easily by rubbing a small amount of wax into the wood. For these cases, Gympole provides fix-it-yourself sets with wax that corresponds with your shade of wood. From March 2019 we offer also new vinyl Stage in 3 various colours!

Custom/Bespoke Gympole stage is an option for those who are not able to accommodate a 3.16m stage in their home. This is an economical alternative to a two-piece pole. The height of the pole is optional depending on your requirements and comes in one piece – a cost effective solution. Another option is a shorter custom-cut upper pole segment which can also serve as a replacement for outdoor or indoor usage, depending on your ceiling requirements. Enjoy the best of both worlds outside with full height and inside as well.

Service life of the Gympole stage is long, with the option of easy replacement of individual parts.

Technical parameters:

    45mm pole diameter
    Stainless steel polished to a mirror shine for the best grip
    3.165m total height
    9.6cm thickness of base
    184cm width of base in widest point, 160cm in narrowest point
    44kg weight of central bearing unit including moving skate and case
    2x24kg weight of base unit with cases (2x case for floor plates)
    17kg weight of case for sub-frames
    13kg weight of pole