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What can we do for you ??




For You:

  • We arrange professional and Pole Dance performances - more to "offer performances"
  • Do you try Pole Dance? Click the courses and choose between our study of friends in different cities of the Republic and come
  • Are you interested in a selected piece with special printing, color or type of mass consumption (for example, your company, at the party, bachelor party, gift) - no problem, you simply need to hear from you with your desire to or phone + 420 776 298 234
  • Would you like some of our products donated as a gift and need faster dodádní or any surprises -> call, write
  • You need to modify an order? Change something where you uklikli? Change your method of payment or services, please write to us and together we will solve everything.
  • The complaint. Goods not which color you wanted? Size does not fit you? Let us know and send the goods back, everything can be replaced if the goods have already neodstřihli original tags, you did not wash it, or any signs of wear or use.


For Studios:


Arranging new studio? Editing an existing one? We have equipment that fine-tune your interior. In the menu bar and accessories you will find everything proper study should not be missed.

  • We will advise you on your choice with the ways of how to install the product.
  • Produce and deliver your chosen goods.
  • We provide t-shirts for your lecturer with the logo of your studies from the front and the inscription on the back Coach
  • Likewise, we provide t-shirts with the logo of your studies for your proud kurzists

Order on On this email, advise, prepare a price offer and we will solve all your queries and requirements.


We have already produced:


For inspiration, we put a presentation already produced shirts for events and studios.